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How did Greater Western New York put the “Happy” in Happy Hour?

May 7, 2013 10:25 pm2 commentsViews: 189

IMG_3230_violin_cocktail_300We all know the story of how the British burned Buffalo to the ground during the War of 1812. (Well, most of it, three buildings were left standing.) Another town in Niagara County suffered a worst fate – only one of its buildings was not burnt to the ground. And in that building lays the key to our answer. Guess if you dare, otherwise read “I’ll Have One for the Road and Two for the Sea” to discover the often misunderstood truth behind this sumptuous piece of trivia.



  • Ken Shearer

    Back when I was in middle school at LaSalle Junior High, I had a teacher named H. William Feder. He was a published author, and was an absolute treasure trove of knowledge on the history of the Niagara Frontier. He was absolutely passionate about his subject and conveyed that with every word he said. He didn’t read from a book to us; rather he regaled us with exciting historical narratives. He really made the subject come alive. Now that I’ve started rediscovering my Western New York roots, I can see him standing in front of the class… rumpled white shirt with sleeves partly rolled up and loosened tie. Are you familiar with this person?

  • No, I’m not. I’d be have to contact him. Email me his info at and thanks!

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